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Who We Are

Barry Express Shipping and Logistics Inc was established in May 2013. The company came about in a very peculiar way. I am Kurt Barry founder, and I worked with people with special needs for years. My co workers on many occasions would ask favors of assisting with pick up and delivery of heavy items, boxes, furniture and many other commodities from single and sometimes multiple locations to and from their homes. I did this as a favor and eventually grew to small compensation. My friend/customer network grew and I eventually got busier. With this realization, on may 2013 I decided to go bold, and seal the deal. Barry Express Shipping and Logistics Inc was formed.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain and uphold excellence and affordability while remaining competitive in the market. Be able to serve our customers as if they were my friends and coworkers and listen to constructive criticism so we can remain competitive and to better enhance our services as demands changes with the times.

Vision Statement

To be the most reliable and efficient freight, cargo, and shipping services provider globally, setting the highest standards of excellence in safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, while fostering a culture of innovation and growth for our employees and stakeholders.

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